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I decided that I should start posting up some of the more geeky stuff that other geeks might find interesting.


Vimeo, OAuth and CakePHP Session Security Settings

So after ripping my hair out for a good 2-3hrs trying to figure out why my Vimeo OAuth requests wasn’t returning any sessions variables, I finally figured it out. CakePHP’s Configure::write(‘Security.level’, ‘medium’); sets PHP’s session.referer_check and denies any other hosts from setting session variables. I was wondering why half my sessions vars were gone and […]

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Firefox Addons/Extensions

Google Browser Sync – Keep bookmarks synced between browsers FireBug – Web Developer Debugger and more! LORI – Life of Request Info – Measure page performance ColorZilla – Advanced Color-picker Download Statusbar – View Downloads status DownThemAll – Mass downloader Header Spy – Show HTTP headers HTML Validator […]

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Simple System Utilities & Tools

Visual Task Tips – View thumbnail of application from your Taskbar. AMP Font Viewer Burnatonce – Simple straight to the point CD Burner CCleaner – Registry + System cleaner. Daemon Tools – Mount ISO and other formats. Fullsync – Keep files & directories sync’d PuTTY – SSH Client […]

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