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Timothy Lorens

Tim Lorens

iCE Breaker’s Matrix was born sometime around early 1995. It began as a link-fest to all sorts of random stuff I was learning and tinkering with. I was learning HTML at the time and anytime I learned something new, I’d find some way to add it to my page. It eventually evolved into an On-Line Journal of sorts which I custom wrote in PHP3. Each iteration of and design of my site required code changes— This was ok a the time as I was still learning. Over time, I grew tired of having to rework my site and finally gave in to the masses and started using WordPress.

Occupation: Software developer
Jung Typology: ESTP
Purity Score: 37.6
Home Town: Cleveland, OH
Location: Tampa, FL
IQ: 120-144
Favorite Drink: Redbull & Vodka
Favorite Beer: Corona / Newcastle and other dark/amber beers/ales
Favorite TV Shows: The Shield, Dexter, American Dad, Dexter, Archer
Release Date: 1974
Interests: Djing, Photography, Music, Hacking, Cyberpunk, Technology, Gadgets, Remote control/wireless communication, Electronics, Motorcycles, Racing, Programming/Software Development, Video Games

I go by the handle/alias iCE Breaker and the definition below should explain where I came up with the name.

ice /n./ [coined by Usenetter Tom Maddox, popularized by William Gibson’s cyberpunk SF novels: a contrived acronym for [‘Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics’] Security software (in Gibson’s novels, software that responds to intrusion by attempting to immobilize or even literally kill the intruder). Hence, icebreaker’: a program designed for cracking security on a system.

I’m the author of ShockWavE:PRO BBS software (circa 1989) which was written in Borland Turbo Pascal v5.5, v6 and v7. Somewhere about 1994, I ported it to Linux using FPK AKA Free Pascal. The project has since been abandoned.

These days I’m primarily a web application developer using PHP (LAMP). I’ve also written some desktop applications in C#. I’ve been dabbling with VoIP and Asterisk Open-source PBX software since 2003 creating dynamically generated phone surveys and a number of prototype projects. I’ve created an Asterisk call manager using C# which I hope to release to the public soon. I’ve recently picked up Java for Android application development.