American DJ VMS4

I was so excited about the American Audio (American DJ) VMS4 that I pre-ordered it. I waited almost 4mo to get the thing since their release date kept getting pushed back. I should’ve known this was a bad sign. I understand problems come up. But announcing a release date and then having to re-announce a new release date 3-4 times is a major PR issue. It also says something about the product– Which I soon found out.

Out of the box the VMS4 looks great. It’s got a lot of knobs (which I LOVE knobs!!) It’s got “The weight of quality” (it’s heavy) and a bunch of blinky LED light buttons. Unfortunately, looks aren’t everything.

Trying to get it to work with VirtualDJ 6 took almost 2 days. The cue buttons weren’t working properly. The cross-fader wasn’t changing decks. The list of problems goes on and on. Probably a month or so later, American DJ releases a firmware fix to address these issues with Virtual DJ. A side note: American DJ promo’d the VMS4 on Traktor. All their videos showed these (so called) DJ’s using Traktor. But when it came time to ship, they send it out with Virtual DJ— Now that’s all fine and dandy for me because that’s what I’m familiar with. But the problem comes when they didn’t have significant testing with VDJ! Which I believe is where all the issues come from.

So anyhow, it’s now it’s 6mo later and I STILL haven’t used the VMS4 in a live set. I just can’t trust it. Even after I’ve sat here and configured all the MIDI Mappings to my liking and working around some of the cue/PFL issues. The cross-fader doesn’t fade. It’s more like an on/off switch. I’ve considered investing in an Innofader, but that’s $150 just to see if it’ll fix my problems.

I’m pretty unhappy with their support for this thing. I’ve just sent and email to customer support to see what can be done. We’ll see how things go form here since their forums are completely worthless.

Here’s a quick demo of some cue/headphone issues I’m having.

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