SlingCatcher, Roku, Boxee + Box.

So I’ve been tinkering around with ‘set-top boxes’ for approx. a year or better. Purchased a SlingCatcher on an impulse buy while wondering around Best Buy *Shudder*. It works. It just doesn’t work well. It locks up, crashes, doesn’t always play videos correctly and doesn’t seek very well at all. But it got me through the year. I recently picked up a Roku from at 50% off since it’s a refurb (Again, a minor impulse buy). The Roku was neat because it has so-called ‘apps’. Most are just browser wrappers for garbage content– But the NetFlix ‘integration’ was superb! I was able to edit to my ‘Streaming On-Demand’ Queue which from what I hear, not a lot of NetFlix apps allow you to do. Then along game the Roku update! They cleaned up the UI a little bit. Things seem a little snappier AND they introduced Hulu Plus! Armed with Hulu + NetFlix what more can you ask for? The only drawback to the Roku HD was it couldn’t access a file-share. So I couldn’t play any of my own content I’ve already had. This caused a bit of a problem— Having to flip between HDMI-1 to HDMI-2 and having 3 remotes :- I could only deal with this for so long. I was really getting frustrated having to select a new source each time I change my mind on what I wanted to watch. So I waited. and waited.. and waited for the Boxee Box! The Boxee Box also has ‘Apps’ and it also allows you to mount file-shares. Unfortunately there’s no Netflix, nor Hulu on Boxee. 🙁 So I’m still stuck with having to flip between sources, but there’s at least some other content with Boxee unlike the SlingCatcher.

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