Windows 7 UAC & "Drag and Drop" Issues

Windows 7 UAC & “Drag and Drop” Issues

So apparently Microsoft is at it again– providing some of us with hilarity and leaving the rest scratching our heads as to just WTF they were thinking. So apparently when you leave User Account Control (UAC) on even on a lower setting, you’re unable to “Drag and Drop” items onto applications. For example, I’ll typically open a file in Textpad by dragging the file over the Textpad window and Textpad will happily display the file contents. Another common task I perform is using WinSCP to copy files up to my server. UAC strikes again and I’m unable to drag files to the WinSCP ‘Explorer View’ making it nearly impossible to even use the application. So, anyhow– Long story short. If you’re used to dragging items over the respective application to open them and you’re getting the ‘No Access’ mouse icon, disable your UAC!

Note: If you prefer not to disable UAC, you can go into:
Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy -> Local Policies -> Security Options and Disable the “User Account Control: Only elevate UIaccess applications that are installed in secure locations” option

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