Android UI Collaboration Community

Android UI Collaboration Community

I’ve been really unhappy with a lot of the Android apps and their UI. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen is a simple input line for a username or password where pressing enter makes the input line expand. Another issue I’ve seen a lot is when a configuration/settings screen doesn’t auto-format when in landscape mode. How are such simple UI mistakes made?

I’d really like to get community feedback on the best practices for UI development. Make this a common ground and ‘go-to’ place to help out developers who aren’t so ‘UI-savvy’.

By creating common behaviors users can anticipate what’s going to happen next because– well, it’s the same across all applications. This is one of the reasons why iPhone apps pretty much rock. The UI is silky and things ‘act’ as the user expects them to. There’s no guess work involved. Android needs this to become a stronger platform and even more popular across hardware vendors.

For those of us who’ve been following the ‘Android/G1 hacking scene’ have witnessed some of the UI development that HTC has produced. (Rosie/Hero). None of that would be slick if it weren’t for HTC taking the time to think about the users experience.

So, please help me in getting the ball rolling and lets begin defining the specs for Android UI development!

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