San Francisco

Just wanted to post a little update while things were still clear in my head– You know how vacations go- 😀

Anyhow, Arrived at SFO Saturday night to find that the Pontiac Solstice doesn’t have a trunk, nor a tiny ‘backseat’. I really thought this thing had a little bit of extra space. It doesn’t even have a cup holder to put my Starbucks in. 🙁 I managed though. Monday, I visited the Google campus to have lunch with a few of my friends who work there. I was also greeted with this spiffy little black box that contained a ‘Developers’ version G1 Android phone. *Awesome* I’ve been hacking away at Java for awhile now trying to use the Android SDK. I’ve also being using some ‘unofficial’ firmware on my G1 as well. Having this dev phone will be great so I’m not worried about breaking my working phone!

Unfortunately, I’ve been suffering from some sort of head-cold which quickly turned into a sinus cold. Lunch was great, but I wasn’t really feeling well enough to be chatty and social. I did my best to be all smiles and have a good time.

I didn’t realize where I was staying, but I really am in ‘Silicon Valley’. Yahoo is about one exit down the street. Google is approx 30mins drive. I’ve seen buildings for Cisco, Microsoft, Intel and McAfee.

I haven’t had much time to take a billion pictures. Something about being Mr. Tourist. ew.. But I was able to visit Chinatown which wasn’t exactly what I thought it’d be, but it was definitely interesting and well worth the trip.

Lets see, what else? Oh and I think I’ve come to like the footprint of the MacBook Air. But we won’t really talk about that. Mac = EW!!!

I’ll be posting pictures when I get back since I’ve forgotten my USB cable for my camera. (It’s sony)

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