T-Mobile Android G1 :: JFv1.41 RC33 Update

T-Mobile Android G1 :: JFv1.41 RC33 Update

Not sure why I was nervous to install the new ‘slightly’ modified version of RC33, But all went well. If you haven’t found the links to installing the latest firmware for your Android G1 and wish to preserve ‘root’ access. You can find the information here. This update takes a little while to get installed after you reboot. So don’t panic if you’re stuck on the glowing Android screen for a few minutes.

This update contains the following

  • Smoother, More Stable & Faster Response IN OS
  • Apps restart automaticly after crashing
  • The ability to skip signing-in to your google account
  • An “Import Sim Contacts” option has been added to the contact menu.
  • There is a “Local & Text” tab in “SETTINGS” now. It has only “English” but other langauges probably be added later.
  • You now have an option to get the numeric dialpad with out having to slide up the tab when making a call.
  • System Updater in “Settings”
  • GMail app: Now you have the ability to just sync labeled mails newer than X days.

To avoid any confusion, this is NOT the ‘Cupcake’ release.

Oh, last but not least.. Thank you Jesus Freke, your work is greatly appreciated!

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