Stop Drag’n My Luggage Around

So in the next episode of my bad-luck life… I was traveling to Cleveland to visit friends and family for 4th of July weekend. I figured I’d take a few extra days this time so it wasn’t such a task trying to visit all my friends and hang out. So I get to the airport 3hrs early since the bridge gets so crazy-jammed-up if you leave anywhere near 5pm on a weekday. This isn’t a problem since I’m at the airport, I’m past security and I’m relaxing while I’m waiting for my flight. That’s just less stress on me. Perfect? Right? So yea, I had 3hrs before my flight so I figure I’ll grab a few drinks at one of the bars. Nothing like flying with a good buzz!!!

So I get on my flight a little late, oops.. But hey, it’s easier than standing in line like lemmings and taking 45mins to get to your seat. I was able to just find my seat and plop down— in the LAST seat on the plane. Yeah, the perfect seat with the jet right in your ear and 3ft from the odorific toilets. Just use your imagination as to the joy I had sitting there. I tried to shed some humor on the location of our seats by shouting out “You know all the cool kids sit on the back of the bus!” Which got a few chuckles.

Being laid back I took my prime seating in stride by putting on my iPod and flipping through a sportbike magazine. This helped pass some time and take my mind off the asses I had in my face while the people were standing there waiting in line.

I had an hour and a half layover so I figure hey! Lets hit another bar and keep the buzz plane going!! I mention to the bartender when I have to go to keep from getting another drink when my plane is boarding. Didn’t work. I had to chug my last drink and run to the plane.

This time I get a wing seat next to some cute little girl who seemed to thing I was invading her space or something. I was sort of wandering if it was a shy thing or a creepy thing. I starting thinking I have this creepy thing about me, but millliseconds later I shrugged that off and it’s obviously because I’m such a stud it must be that I’m intimidating. So again I put on my iPod and go into my own little world– half asleep. Somewhere around the time they started passing out drinks and pretzels I decided I had to adjust my headphones because they were hurting my ears a little. Wouldn’t you know it? I reach up without opening my eyes and knocked the stewartests hand spilling a bit of soda on my lap. What are the chances of that?

I used that as the ice breaker (pun pun pun) to talk to the girl next to me. Which I can’t even remember what we talked about since I was still pretty buzzed. I think that’s the first time I had a conversation with the opposite sex on a plane. Apparently, it wasn’t anything important because like I said, I have no idea what we even discussed. Anyhow.. Since this is pretty pointless to my story here..

So I walk over to the baggage claim and I’m waiting for my bag to come around. The belt moves a few seconds and a few bags came out. The belt stopped for a few seconds and then moved again. I think a total of 15 bags came out with not one of them being mine. I watch the belt move again and there’s no more bags left. I’m staring in disbelief. Where’s my bag? So I talk to some lady walking by making a comment “Oh! There’s more bags coming out, right?” She replies “Nope, that’s it…” Ummmmm.. They lost my luggage. THEY LOST MY LUGGAGE. I then proceed to walk to the baggage department and ask what’s going on. I get the blow-off run around– Thank god my mother came in and did most of the talking because I was ready to rip heads off.

So, it’s July 7th. I’m going home tomorrow and I still have no luggage. You know– Every pair of my new shorts are gone. Every pair of my new jeans are gone. Every new t-shirt I bought. Gone.. ALL. GONE. So now I get to figure out what I’m going to do. I spent $100 on clothes for the week and that was 4th of july sales. Total Suck.

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