Murphy! Get OFF my back already!

I swear, you’re going to think I’m making this stuff up. But it really happens. It’s finally my day to return to my new found home in Florida. I was able to visit with all my friends and catch up on life. Awesome stuff!! It was a great time! Loved every day of it. I even got to beat on my mom’s Honda Shadow. I never thought a little cruiser would be enjoyable to ride.

So one of my long lost friends I haven’t seen in about 7yrs hung out with me on my last day in town. He was also kind enough to give me a lift to the airport. Well, the sky opens up! It’s lightning and thundering.. Down pouring.. So I figure we’ll get to the airport early to beat any traffic due to the weather and the time I had to leave to catch my flight.

I get to the airport and the weather is calming down a bit, but just before we pull in to the drop-off spot, I get a call from the airline saying my flight is delayed 67 minutes and it’s going to cause me to miss my connecting flight and that they were in the process of finding me another flight.

So I get to the counter and the lady tells me they’re not flying out of Cleveland and the best she could do is get me a flight out first thing in the morning. Ok. FIRST OF ALL! THEY LOST MY LUGGAGE. (I was livid at this moment) So I told the counter lady about my problems with my lost luggage and how I’m returning home and they STILL haven’t found it. I’m feeling my blood pressure rise at this point as she’s telling me she can’t control the weather and asked me what I wanted her to do about it. I walked away throwing my bag (with newly purchased clothes) across the hall and tried to figure out what I’m going to do.
Nothing about this trip has been going right except for hanging out with my friends and family.

So I talk to my dad to discuss my options and I figure I’ll go back and talk to the lady and see what she offers. I get back in line and I’m waiting behind two people and the same lady points at me and motions to get over there. I’m like ‘Uh oh!’. But she apparently found a flight on another airline, but I had to get crack’n and run to the gate. She gives me a printout to hand to the other counter and check-in.

I proceed to run across the airport to the other counter and get checked-in. I handed the lady the printout and things went smoothly— Until I got to security. I’m sliding my things through the machine, got my shoes off, laptop out, etc, etc. and then I get yanked out of line for ‘further inspection’. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Ok, So I’m already pissed off from the reminder of my luggage.. on top of this bullshit ‘no more flights today’ and NOW THIS?!!? TSA can suck my left nut. So I’m probably looking shady as is– I’m kinda sweaty from running across the airport and now I’m sitting in a chair while they dig through my shit– and I’m IN A HURRY!! and I’m sure I looked like it. Grrrrr. It actually went faster than I expected. I honestly could be in some room right now being interrogated, but somehow I managed to bite my tongue.

I FINALLY get to the gate and the plane isn’t even boarding yet. I was a bit confused about having to run to the gate when I had about 30mins according to the gate info-board.

Anyhow, I’ve made it home in one piece. I carried all my new luggage on so it wouldn’t get lost again. Oh yeah one more thing. I’m already 5mins from where I’m currently living and remember I parked my truck at the new apartment. DOH! So tomorrow, I’m going to have to use the bike to my transportation.

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