Suicidal Blazer

Well, Today I’m convinced my truck is trying to kill itself. Prior to the events that went on today, it decided it was going to choke itself out by attempting to swallow some part that fell off the air-intake butterfly gimmick.. That was the first time. But today!! TODAY!! Uggh! Let me first tell you that my heater-core exploded so I had to bypass that with a $2 plastic connector that connects two radiator hoses together so the water that’d normally pass through the heater-core can continue on it’s merry way.

Today I wake up for work, but working from home— Around noon, I decide to take lunch and go out to grab a bite to eat. I don’t get half way there and I smell antifreeze. I sort of didn’t think anything of it as I was in a group of trucks and maybe it was one of them. I look down to see my temp gauge is starting to go up. ok, so it’s really hot out. No. The temp continues to rise. So I pull over to see what’s going on under the hood. Upon a quick inspection the heater-core bypass thing broke. Just a little piece of it that went into the hose so it’s repairable on the road. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pliers to remove the clap. All I had was a screw-driver. Which seemed to work, but only after I managed to nearly rip my thumb off. The thumb survived, but it’s swollen and continued to bleed for a good hour or so. I guess part of the clamp went under my nail slightly separating it from my thumb. YES! IT HURTS! Anyhow. I got things back together and since I always carry a jug of water with me I filled up the radiator and I was on my way.

Though, I didn’t feel comfortable driving, I figure I should probably head back home so I can replace this part. So I get on the freeway, the temperature gauge is reading good. It went back down really fast. Then as I’m exiting, the thing starts going back up! OMG! What now. So I drive a bit until I’m really uncomfortable with the temperature of my truck and pull into a Hess station. I pop the hood, look again and wouldn’t you know it. THE OTHER SIDE of the bypass broke. I looked around and told Murphy to go F himself while I thought, My truck REALLY is trying to kill itself. Though this time, I couldn’t fix it. I had to get something to get the clamp off and remove the chunk of plastic in the hose.

I figure, Ok. Autozone is right down the street. I’m fairly familiar with the area I’m in. I have nothing but time now. The truck is over-heated and it won’t run, nor did I feel comfortable running it at that temperature, so I start to walk. I’m walking and walking and walking. ok. Autozone has to be here. Somewhere. Apparently, when you’re driving 50mph you don’t realize just how far away things are. So.. I walked 20 blocks. Yes. 20 blocks. 43rd all the way to 63rd to get to Autozone I picked up some pieces-parts, pliers, worm-clamps and towels. I hung out in the store for a bit to catch some of the A/C as it’s 90 degrees outside and I had to walk back another 20 blocks.

Upon returning to my truck, I turn on the accessories just to see how far the temp gauge goes up. It wasn’t that hot at all, so I was in good shape. Pop the hood again and start to repair things. Removing the clamp with pliers was cake. Digging the broken piece out of the hose with the screwdriver wasn’t much work either. The bypass snapped back into place. But I had dropped the clamp into the motor somewhere and wouldn’t you know.. It didn’t fall out onto the ground.. AHH! HAH!! I got you this time Murphy! I got you BITCH!. I bought worm clamps. NEENER NEERNERER!!! So I tightened the worm-clamps up on each side of the bypass and I was once again on the road.

NOT 2 BLOCKS and the temp gauge goes up over 260 again! (not to mention I’m stuck at every damn red light) Ok. At this point I’m actually praying this thing grenades! Blow the F up! DO IT! You want to so damn bad! DO IT!..

Ok, So I find a Shell station and pull in. After having to do a total major U-Turn around 6-7 cars because they were blocking the driveway and I couldn’t sit there waiting for their light to change. I pull in and start looking for their water hose. Nothing to be found. I see the Vac/Air thing and walk over to it. Wrapped up in the grass is something at might be water. But I can’t find the place you put in your quarters. So I try it.. HEY! FREE WATER!! You have to pay for air, but you can get free water?? (Florida will never stop confusing me).

So, Apparently the overflow jug doesn’t really get used when your radiator is totally out of water/coolant. I fed my truck 2 whole gallons of water. I knew it was bone dry when I carefully/slowly opened up the raditor cap (with my new towels!) and all it did was Fffst! No bubbles, no water flying out.. no nothing.

Ok, radiator full of water, cap back on, double checked the bypass and again, back on the ro— errr Until my truck stalls right there in the gas station. ok. Start it back up and get back on the road. 4 blocks later.. It stalls again. I possibly burned up a spark plug or something. The truck starts back up and again I’m headed home. It stalled one more time, but after that it was fine all the way home.

I should have stayed in bed today.. Did I mention I’m a bit sunburned from my 1hr walk? *sigh*

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