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First, I’d like to thank everyone for checking the small example that I’ve thrown together. Your comments have been great. Secondly, I’d like to restate somethings that have been fairly common amongst those of you who have downloaded or took the time to really look at the example.

I hear there’s some sort of flickering? I rarely, if EVER use IE, so I figured hey, that’d be a great way to test the example and see if there’s some sort of image loading issue (Kinda like you get with mouse-overs sometimes.) I’ve tested this example of mine on both Firefox, IE7 on my XP machine, and Firefox at work on my Ubuntu machine. I’ve even tested it with Firefox on my bastardized unstable-ready to explode Fedora Core 6 machine. The only thing that resembles this flicker, is when the new images have to be loaded since they’re not grayed out anymore. A co-worker of mine also loaded the example without flicker. Hrrrm?!? Must be one of those oddities. 🙁

Also, I’ve gotten a few comments about my use of inline CSS. I’ve actually stated in my original post that it’s not the most optimal way to do this, and the CSS should be broken out into a separate CSS file and called from there. Surely that’d be the cleaner way to do things.

I’m also not 100% sure about the issues with the archive. I specifically bundled it up and then extracted it in a totally separate location on my server to test and make sure all the files where intact. *Shrug* It seemed to work fine— Possibly had some images cached?! I dunno.

I’ve also gotten some flack about the amount of markup in the results. One of my co-workers keeps poking me about that since he’s a huge fan of JSON. I was planning on porting this example over to MooTools to see if I could get JSON working and do some benchmarking. Right now, the xAJAX library doesn’t support JSON yet. It’s in the work.

There are many ways this example could be optimized or even improved upon. Take it upon yourselves 🙂 The method/technology behind this is quite simple and easily extensible. Run with it! Be creative!

Thanks again to everyone for checking this out and your comments. (Creative criticism nurtures a better end product)

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