iPhone:Visual Voicemail?

What’s the hype on this Visual Voicemail thing? I’ve had ‘Visual Voicemail’ for the past 2yrs. Yes I have. I’ve been using a Sidekick since the Color version 1 hit the market in Ohio. I’ve also been tinkering with Asterisk Opensource PBX for the past 3yrs.

Asterisk is able to send two types of voicemail notification. One being your standard/typical old-school Pager notification and the now more common method being E-Mail. So, here’s how it all works. The Sidekick is capable of sending and receiving email, afterall it has a fullblown E-Mail client on it. This awesome email client is also able to receive file attachements. See where I’m going with this yet? Asterisk attaches the voicemail as a wav file to the email which gets sent to my sidekick and I’m able to play the attached .wav file. I’m able to pick and choose which voicemails I want to hear based on the Subject line.

So? Again.. what’s all the hype with the iPhone? Oh yea, my Sidekick 3 is also able to play Mp3s from it’s 2gig mini-sd card. iPhone? NOT EXCITING! 😐

Sidekick 3 Visual VoiceMail

Sidekick 3 MP3 Player

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  1. Nathan Friedly May 11, 2007 at 11:28 am #

    hey, the iPhone is still exciting. Some of us have apple stock that has been shooting through the roof lately.

    / insensitive clod!

    // I really hope you got the joke on that last slashey..

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