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Ok, can someone please explain to me what the story is behind this bullshit show Pinks? Now really. I just watched these guys race and I see the losing team begging for 5 car lengths after they just had their asses handed to them. Ok, as far as I’m concerned the race is over, done deal, hand over your title. Where in this world is there street racing that you negotiate your starting lines? You either think you’re going to win or you don’t think you can win. None of this best 3 out of 5, you can’t use your NOS, whaaaaa! Cry me a river. Put up or shut up. You race heads up, loser walks. Oh and at the end, you see the other team jumping for joy because they won. THEY WON ON 5 FULL CAR LENGTHS. That is not winning. Is that really anything to be proud of? Who puts this crap on TV? Secondly, what guy is going to watch this stuff thinking it’s a quality show and not a waste of time? The show should be called Pussies. I suppose it IS called Pinks. I guess that’s close enough.

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