So, I’ve had to move Cyberdyne out of the server room at work cuz well— I don’t work there anymore. So instead of trying to find a place to host my hardware and waste a ton of money on co-lo, I decided I’d go with a slightly cheaper route and host Cyberdyne on a shared virtual server. So far things have been great. I can’t complain. Though, I must say I don’t have everything set up yet, so we’ll see how it goes.

Keeping this in mind, everything on my site is a complete mess. I’ve upgraded all the software packages I use so it was kind of annoying getting all the data restored. But needless to say, here it is!

So, it’s time to look for a new job. Apparently, I don’t fit in at the company I worked for. They cancelled the IVR (integrated voice-response) Survey project I was working on with Asterisk and let me go. My take on it– I was too vocal and made it be known that the way things were going wasn’t the way to do business nor the right way we should code our pages, etc, etc, etc. But hey, when you have a manger who gets all his bright ideas out of PC-WORLD, what do you expect? Regardless of his decision making in the office, I still have much respect for him. He’s a good guy and I really hope he doesn’t sink the ship. He’s full of great ideas. Implementing them is another story 😀

Sure I’m abit hurt and a little upset, but when things don’t work out, they just don’t work out. What else is there to say? It was becoming painful getting up in the morning and having to go to work. Each day was a count down ’til the weekend. Just one more day.. Just one more day– I would tell myself that constantly. That’s really when you know you’re not happy at work. It’s really quite unfortunate since I enjoyed working with everyone there. I made some good friends while working there and I plan on holding on to them. I guess I should have just worked a little harder on finding something new before the shit hit the fan. This isnt’ the first time they let people go. Just last year they laid-off 4 people. Then we missed our yearly revenue goal by LOTS. It’s sad to see such a small company having trouble making a profit when all we do can be compiled into a few simple tasks. Granted, there’s always going to be custom programming here and there. But the management and project scheduling needs to be reviewed.

I don’t have a business degree, but my Common Sense 101 tells me things can and need to improve before we all go down with the ship. I dunno, hey.. WTF do I know. The owners all have PhD’s (Parents Have Dough)– What does this H.S. Grad know? Nothing. Apparently. I do know that I’ve been coding since the age of 12. I also know that I’ve been doing web application design/development for the past 10yrs. Ok Ok Ok.. So maybe that doesn’t make me the best programming of all time. But I have my bumps, bruises and scars from being in the trenches and knowing what’s right from wrong. Again. WTF do I know.. PFFT.. Oh wait. I know one thing. They’re not making money.

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