Daytona Bikeweek 2006

So it’s another year to head to Daytona for Bikeweek. This year, is different from the previous years. I’m taking my girlfriend with me. Not saying this changed anything. But she’s still relatively new to be taking on ‘vacation’. But hey, we click– click well– almost too well. The weather was great on the way over. Last year I was stuck in traffic taking a 3hr shower. This year was awesome. No traffic and I swear we averaged about 80mph the whole way there. We got into the condo a bit early- Dad wasn’t even there yet. So we decided to get some lunch and chill out while my Dad got everything taken care of. I have to say this years Bikeweek was better then any of the past ones. The weather was still kinda goofy as it was 80 degrees in the sun while 50 degrees in the shade. The wind was cold and we froze just about everywhere we went. But once you got off the bike, you sweat your ass off. I’ll never understand why they picked such a weird time of year for such an event.

It was interesting introducing my girlfriend to practically half my family as my Dad had his brother in town and my dads mom and sister live over on that side of the state. They all liked her and she was able to put up with them! I’m really surprised I didn’t get 20 questions from all of them. It was nice and relaxed and no pressure was put on either of us. We all had a good time visiting and catching up on life with one another.

Another thing that wasn’t so bad this year was it didn’t seem as much of a chore to gear-up and ride the bike places. Traffic was horrible as usual so maybe that took our minds off things. I do have to admit, Bikeweek is NOT a vacation. Too many people, too much traffic, cops, cops, cops, old people, traffic, more traffic, people who can’t drive, traffic and too many people– did I mention traffic? My stress level was through the roof when riding around town. How can anyone call that a vacation?? Anyhow, it was still enjoyable since I got to hang out with Dad and show my girlfriend something she’s never done before.

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