American Sportbike :: Season 1

Just to catch everyone up on what’s been going on with my motorcycle— I’ve been without wheels since July 3rd. That was the day I dropped my bike off to have an oil leak repaired. Well, things turned for the worse when the guy that was helping me out broke my cam chain just as he was finishing up the repairs. In case you were wondering what a cam chain is, it’s like a timing chain that runs from the bottom of the motor around the crank-shaft up thru the center of the motor and around the two cam shafts on top of the motor. In order to fix this, you must split the motors cases and dig through the transmission to get to the crank-shaft. I was pretty upset when I heard this since all this turned into a major project just because of a little chain. This task was much too complex for me to work on it, especially since I don’t have a garage or an area suitable for working on a motor. The time-line continues from September when I finally picked up my broken motor and was trying to figure out what I was going to do with it. I found a guy who said he’d put it back together. Basically, a total rebuild. A month or so goes by and I’m having the same problems with this guy. He’s dragging his ass getting things done. But after I complained, 2 weeks later, dude tells me my motor is ready. Rock’on!

So now I have a fresh motor ready to be put back in my bike. Now, this is about the time I start to feel as if I’m on some episode of American Chopper, except I’m working on a sportbike. I’m starting to feel like Pauly Jr. while my friend Chris is Paul Sr. Always telling me what I need to get done and how I need to get it done. Meanwhile, I just want to get my bike back together and some of these things I don’t need to deal with until latler. Oh yeah, just like on every bike they feature on American Chopper, there’s a deadline. My deadline happens to be March 3rd for Daytona Bikeweek. Of course I’m in a hurry to get this thing back together so I can ride, but I also don’t have time to screw around if I want to make it to Bikeweek.

Chris has removed just about EVERY part on my bike. It’s in more pieces now than when I bought the thing 5yrs ago from a friend who had it laying around in his garage. Chris wants to paint this and paint that, polish this and polish that. Grrrrr!!! I want to put pieces ON the bike, not take them OFF!!!

Now I understand we have a whole month, but I have this little problem of having this tiny grey cloud over my head ( it’s really not black, just kinda grey ) which always seems to screw things up. My luck always throws a wrench in things and whatever project I’m working on becomes a MAJOR project just because it’s me. So with that being said, you understand why I’d like to just throw the motor in my bike and start tuning it up. I have a feeling the thing won’t run and we’ll have a ton of issues with it.

Here’s a few pics of my bike as it sat on day 1.

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