2006 :: New Year

I had a very laid back New Years. No puking through my nose. No sprained ankles and 3hrs waiting in the emergency room. Just a bunch of friends, a bon-fire, a few fireworks and a couple beers to ring in the new year. Why such a laid-back night? Because riding 175mi the next day while taking some twisties up to Brooksville and back on a hang-over would really suck ass.

Yesterday I went on a ride with Seductive Cycles. We had about 37 riders show up. I don’t think we could have asked for better weather. It had to be at least 80-85. I borrowed a bike from a friend since my bike is still being worked on. Even though it was a 2003 Katana 600, I still had a good time. It’s not the fastest thing on two wheels, but it was a comfortable ride.

We left about 11am from our meeting spot on Fletcher & 56th. From here, I just followed the leader as I really don’t know my way around. It was a great ride. No cop drama, no one got lost and no accidents. Though someone did lose his line in a turn and ended up bouncing over about four driveways until he could get it back on the road. He hung on and didn’t crash.

I’m sore and beat from the ride. Not sure if it’s because I haven’t ridden since July or what? I’m just getting old I guess. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could get all my gear off and jump in the shower and then relax.

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