Stretch Armstrong

Ever feel like you’re always there for your friends. Like 24/7-drop-everything, available? It’s like because I have an IM client on my SidekickII that I’m always available. Well, I’m not. I’m 1100mi from home and anything that’s a problem back home, I can’t do anything about. I’m a shoulder to cry on I guess, and I don’t have a problem with that, but when it’s a daily thing, is when I have a problem.

I put in lots of hours at work which already leaves little time for myself. I really need some ‘My Time’. My motorcycle is in peices and it’s kinda like my dog just died. I have a few personal programming projects I’m working on and I’d really like to make some progress on them. But I have people pulling me in 8 different directions and it’s not fun.

I guess I’m just a bit stressed out. I’ve been living in Florida for a year now and it doesn’t seem like I’ve settled in yet. It feels like things here are still new and sort of temporary. Looking for a house returned zero results. Since people here are confused as to just which ‘Bay Area’ this is. THIS IS NOT SF BAY! It’s Tampa Bay. Meaning you don’t sell your houses for SF BAY PRICES! ARRRRRRGH.

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