Burn’n turns on a Honda Rebel 125?!?!?

Today was the day that I completed my Motorcycle Safety Foundation beginners course. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to brush up on my riding skills as I wanna be a better rider, and supposedly it can help decrease your insurance. So anyhow, I’m in the 3rd part of my evaluation where we are supposed to take a 90degree turn, speed up and determine proper entry speed. I blast off the line ( like a 125 could blast anywhere! ) Get into 2nd at a whopping 15mph and make the first 90 degree turn. The next turn is a sweeping 35degree turn. So I get into the turn and you’re supposed to keep a steady speed. Well, I guess I was a little hot in the turn and had to lean that thing over a little. Little did I know I was gonna drag a peg and take out one of the tiny little cones they had setup to mark the turn. I guess you have to start somewhere.. I’ll be drag’n knees next!! 🙂 I didn’t get any points off for it.. So it’s cool.

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