Over the weekend…

So, over the weekend, I figured I’d venture out on my bike and find out where I can cruise around without too much traffic or having to go 50mph ( like every road is 45-50mph around here! ).. I eventually made my way over to Ft. DeSoto where I took this cool picture of my bike and the Skyway Bridge in the background. Then I found my way over to St. Pete Beach. I followed the road north until I hit Clearwater Beach and holycow that place was crowded with people. Lots of babes to.. Being tired from all the fresh air. It was also pretty hot being stuff inside a leather jacket, helmet and on top of a 4 cyclinder motor. So I figured I’d go home, but this time I took the freeway home… It’s too awsome down here. Sun, sand and surf! I can’t get enough of it!

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