Veteran’s Ride

went with a few bikers on a charity ride for the veterans. I bought 2 DVDs to donate to the facilities movie library. Talk about depressing. It was saddening to see all those old guys stuck in wheel-chairs all hooked up to their oxygen tanks. One of the riders found a bag-piper to meet us at the vet’s home to play some songs. He ended with Amazing Grace and that’s when the flood gates opened up. You should have heard the praise we go when reading off some of the titles for new movies. You’d think they had 4 movies to watch the entire time they’re there. I think our group donated 13 DVDs. Some of the other guys donated slipper-socks with tread on the bottoms so they don’t fall. Those old guys really seemed to apprieciate our visit. We shook their hands and wished them a merry xmas and happy holidays. I didn’t want to leave, like I wanted to talk to them, but they were getting ready for lunch so. I had a good time. Even if the day started out being 65 degrees and ended up being 58 and drizzel.

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