Check’n da Email….

Yup, starting to get lonely down here. I have two friends from work that drag me out all the time. Tho, it’s usually some after-work social hour. That’s cool tho. I really kinda expected to meet more people and make more friends. People are a lot nicer down here than in Cleveland so that’s a plus. Unfortunately all the people I end up talking to are drunk dudes who need a 4th person so they can play teams in pool or darts. *Sigh* I’m hooked on Waffle House as sick as everyone thinks that is. It’s simple. A waffle and hash-browns with just a little bit of salt. Ok, so maybe it’s a 3am thing after being out drinking a little? *smirk* I need to get things squared away with my motorcycle so I can just ride and go when/where I want. This whole storage thing is becoming an issue. So it’s time to get a condo or townhouse. Time to go house shopping!!

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