So yea… I got to have dinner with one of my ex GF’s from about 5yrs ago. She pulled out her Psychology Kung Fu on me. I think the first half-hour of our hanging-out– I swear I was laying in the couch with a box of tissue spilling my emotions. She was interrogating me. I used to have this fear when I dated her of being put under the microscope all the time; having to be careful of what I said to her, etc. But that never happened. We had a good 2yrs together. Unfortunately, she had to move away to complete her internship time. But anyhow, we played catch-up over dinner at Applebees. She’s in a really weird relationship. I told her it’s not normal she should probably seek counseling. *smirk* ( for those who don’t know, she’s a psychologist who works with the eldery and those who have alzheimers ). I’m not sure how such a fun, outgoing, chipper person could be engaged to some blah-boring stuffy banker type. I asked her if this engagement had some sort of financial benefit and she just laughed. I always thought she was a gold-digger. *lol* I was instructed to not be a stranger and call her once in awhile. I guess I should feel honored as I’m still on of few ex’s she still maintains contact with. Anytime she’s in Cleveland, she’s sure to give me a ring to see about doing something.

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