Arrgh! MMORPG?!?!

Ok, so I laughed at the concept at first. But then I started thinking.. Hrrm.. %COH|City of Heroes% could be pretty cool. Some how I managed to get into open-beta. I downloaded the 750megs and then a 20meg patch and started up the game. HOLYSHIT! Character creation is totally insane!! It’s probably the BEST character generation system I’ve seen! The possibilities are endless! You can pretty much create just about any popular super-hero or character from other games. I’ve seen The Tick, Agent Smith, Space Ghost and multiple characters from Street Fighter. I’m really thinking I may have to buy this game. It’s finally something different than D&D based MMORPGs. Game play is good. It’s mainly ment for you to form a team of super-heros based on the 6 character classes or types. It’s hard to make a good character that can solo all the time. I’m totally dig’n it!!!!

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