The more and more I think about it, I really dislike the area in which I live. The weather here has been shittier than most winters and frankly, I’m tired of it. I’d rather be somewhere that it doesn’t get so %FREEZE|cold%. Bundling up each morning for work only makes having to dress up much more annoying. There doesn’t seem to be a balance between fashion and comfort. Either you look good and itch, or you’re comfortable and look like a hoodlum.

Another thing that gets my goat is the fact that people around here can’t drive for shit. It’s like they forget that it snows each year. It’s rare to find anyone driving with any sort of assertiveness or confidence. It’s always “OMG! Someone’s in front of me! SLAM ON THE BRAKES!!” I’m sure it’s like this in other cities, but I’m ranting at the moment *smirk* Another thing people refuse to do is use their turn signals. Let me tell you jack asses something. Turn signals WORK. They let other people know where you intend on going considering the WEAK attempt to show someone which direction you intend on traveling with assertiveness. Try this one time. Drive around town and pay attention to the other cars. You’ll notice a lot of hesitation. I’ve been able to judge the attitude of a car. It’s like I can almost predict what they’re going to do. Try it sometime. Just drive around and try to predict what someone is going to do. If there’s a car-length of space in front of you. 80%% of the time, someone will try to cut in. So much for that extra stopping distance. 60%% of the time, people won’t even signal they’re cutting you off. It’s truely amazing that people have drivers licenses at all. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!

This weekend was fairly mellow. I think I partied-hardy more on Thursday. Drank at home first, and then hurried up to get to our local bar to have %ADRINK|two beers % and let the buzz set in. Sit around and people watch until we sober up to drive home, then pass out from being up until 3am. Simple as pie! *smirk*.

Friday, my %ADROCK|friend% decided it was time for him to get yet another ticket in his new car. I really don’t remember him going much faster than maybe 35 in that 25mph zone. But the cop said we were going 42. That was an interesting night.

Saturday my old %ANDREA|roommate% and I headed out to Lakewood for a quick night out at a bar called McCarthy’s. It was elbow-to-eblow-OMG-it’s-too-frick’n-crowded in here. We had 1 beer and left. If there were a fire in there, we’d all be dead. So much for that. We weren’t in the mood for the %LIQUID|down-town% scene. I was spent from the 5am night before and just not in the mood to be packed in a smokey bar.

Sunday.. Ahhh, what a lazy day. <3 Sundays! Sleep in until noon, French-toast and hashbrowns for breakfast, do some laundry, nap for 4hrs, and watch some %TV|TV%. Everyday should be like Sunday. Except now I have to prepare for that dreaded Monday at %WORK|work%. The begining of the week.

…and I still have to figure out how I’m going to ask this girl out for coffee or something simple.

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