Quality, not quantity

Have you ever noticed the quality of people that surround you? I mean, come’on. Can we put the flanel shirt away, along with the mullet? It would appear to me that people in Cleveland just don’t take care of themselves. They’re over-weight ( Mainly cuz they don’t give a shit about what they eat ) and about 10yrs behind the times. They refuse to change. You go to bars and you STILL hear “Baby Got Back”… Um, OK! That song is about 13yrs too old. Get with the times people!! Get your frick’n hair cut, buy some new clothes, and upgrade your music! UGH!!

If you don’t believe me, go create an accout on any one of the many on-line dating services and compare the people of Cleveland with the people from other cities. You’ll notice there’s a difference. Trust me on this one. YUCK! *puke*

If we want to go back in time– Whatever happen to the day when back-less shirts ( for the ladies ) where in? Those were HOT! oh, and low-rise jeans. YUM!! Those were the days. *dream*

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