Busy! Busy! Busy!

This weekend was probably one of the busiest I’ve had in a long time. Friday after work I spent some time hang’n out with people from work for Happy Hour at %LIQ|Liquid% in the Warehouse District. After having a few beers and laughing it up, I headed out to Dave and Busters to hang out with a friend of mine who was passing through. He’s moving from Boston to Sunnyvale California. I wish I had that opportunity. We had dinner there and I have to say the food I had was really good. I’ve never eaten at Dave and Busters before. After Dave and Busters my friend John and I headed downtown to Tramp which was dead and mostly filled with guys. *ick* Where’s the chick at?!?! We promptly left and went to McCarthy’s in Lakewood. Wow! Was that place packed! That was a good time. John and I got to catch up on some things.

Saturday was the motorcycle show at the IX Center. Got the guys together around 12, had lunch and then headed to the show. Not much new there. They had a few new bikes, but nothing spectacular. We walked around that place for a good 6hrs. Afterwards we came home and chilled out for an hour or two then it was time to go to dinner with the people that ran the %WP|”Whack Pak”% booth. %AP|Aaron% is a stunt rider for the motorcycle club. We had dinner at Roadhouse and shared morotcycle stories. I had a good time.

Superbowl Sunday. I’m not much of a sports fan– heck I didn’t even know who was in the super-bowl until I checked the website the other day. But my friends Molly and Mario were having a party and I was invited. I napped most of the day, attempting to catch up on the sleep I didn’t get. Their friends are always interesting. Of course I had to drink some beer and stuff my face with junk food while watching the game.

Now it’s Monday, a busy day at work. Why did everyone have to make me work today? *Grin* Mondays are supposed to be relaxing days. Couldn’t they have waited until Tuesday? We had a new guy start today so I had to get all his accounts/email setup. One of our UPSs took a shit and the battery is bad, so I had to order a new battery. The firewall box was down when I go in and a few people were having issues with parts of the intranet system. *sigh* I think it’s nap time when I get home.

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