You spin me right round baby…

Not exactly sure why I had this dream, but tornados were flying down my street and all of a sudden, one of my ex’s cars goes driving past my house. The dream dictionary defines tornados as anger, and things that are out of your control. The odd things is, me and this ex are on good terms. We’ve discussed things like adults and there was closure. The only possible thing I can come up with is when she moved from Cleveland to Minneapolis without blinking an eye. Granted she needed to move due to her education and wanting to finish up her Ph.D. But she didn’t seem to care much about our relationship at that time. This isn’t the first time I’ve had dreams with her in them and tornados were falling out of the sky. It’s not like I sit around dreaming about her. I really don’t think about her unless I hear a song, or something of that nature. So, I’m still really confused as to what’s going on here. I’ve moved on. What the heck??

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