I believe that I’ve come to the conclusing that theres so such thing as a female with little or minimal baggage. It would appear that most come with some sort of drama or negative karma– A black cloud as you might say— that follows them everywhere they go. Do I want to be apart of this. I think not. As nice, caring and understand as I am, I find this to be completely radiculous that out of all the females I’ve encountered that I haven’t found one that I care to share my time with. I could blame the city that I live in. Mostly married couples, or lots of family– lacking a singles scene. I’m feeling really frustrated about this situation and I’d like to find a remedy. I feel the need to relocate. Some place warm would be nice, since the snow and cold here really torques me off– One of the main reason is people can’t drive in it, even though it comes around every year– Unfortunately this would mean leaving my close friends and family. Friends and family can provide happiness, but not the closeness and comfort of a significant other– And that.. I will find. Maybe not here, maybe not tomorrow. But soon.

Random rant generated by rehashing some history and current events.

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