*Kawf* *gag*

So, I have this shitty cold. My neck is sore ( and I’m not sure if that’s from gawking at chicks or what ). So it’s Saturday and I figured I’d give this Mac-Machine the night off. Boxers, T-shirt and a bowl of ice-cream. I’ll have this cold for a month if I don’t get some rest. I was out until 4am Thursday night and even last night. Worst thing is, I didn’t even get laid. Cuz you know there’s only two reasons to be out until 4am. Denny’s and BJs.

Went to a small shin-dig my boss through. Eat some good food, drank some good beer. Then a few of us headed downtown to a club call Tramp ( formerly known as Funky Buddha ) . I finally get the nerve up to talk to a cute girl and she claims she has a BF. *sigh* So we’ll pretend she actually had a BF. My luck that I pick out the wrong girl to hit on. *pfft* I give up.

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