D8ing SuX

Somone’s blog got me all bothered about the dating scene again. If any of you have read my past posts, you”ll see I’m quite a bitter and angry person when it comes to dating. But come’on now. I shouldn’t be single. It’s quite humorous to hear girls talk about how guys are so shallow and all they care about is one thing. Am I that hidious that it’s impossible for me to find the girl I’m looking for? I have a full-time well paying stable job, I have my own house, car, and motorcycle. Ok, I’m sure some of you are saying it’s not all about the material things. I understand that it’s not, but it helps. *Grin* I’m not antisocial and go out quite often. I enjoy going to parties and social events. I go to clubs, bars and concerts. I think I take care of myself and dress well. ( ok, so maybe I’ve gotten a few tickets from the fashion police, but they said it wouldn’t show on my record ). Is a stable female, who doesn’t smoke, no kids and no psycho ex’s asking for too much? Apparently it is. I understand at my age most women that are single are probably divorced and probably have a kid or two. But really, I can’t be the only one my age that doesn’t have all that baggage. *Sigh* This sucks.

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