Corporate Clown

So, yesterday I had to dress up in a suit and tie. Ugh! So, I was rushing around to get everything ironed and looking nice. I leave for work and halfway there, I realize I forgot my %SDK|SideKick% ( The ultimate geek gadget ) at home. Talk about feeling nekkid! Anyhow, I hate dressing up, but after work we had an event to attend and entertain a bunch of bankers. We got two suites at Gund Arena to handle the 30-35 people we had attending. I get there and look in the little refridgerator and it’s PACKED with beer. Nice! They brought us a bunch of pizza, pretzels, and veggie trays. Wasn’t bad at all. We watched the Cleveland Cavs lose yet again. *Sigh* Can’t Cleveland have a winning team? Naa, didn’t think so– they trade all our good players. It was a long night. I dragged my manager out after the game and got him wasted. I felt kinda bad for him since he has to go to an awards dinner later today. He’ll be nice and hung over.
Today I’m pretty tired. Too much RedBull and not enought sleep. Makes sense.

I just got a bunch of shit from my boss for keeping my manager out all night. My manager is probably hurt’n today. He was pounding Jack & Coke all night. Not good.

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