…I had an interesting weekend. Friday, I hung out with a friend at a local dive bar. It’s not all that great, but there is a lot of people watching material. Ya know, the chicks with Bon Jovi hair? Fun stuff.

Saturday, I went to a wedding. A co-worker (Mary) of mine got married. I spent the evening with my ‘date’ (Cara)– A cute little female friend of mine (who I also work with). She got totally schnockered! I had to drive so I limited myself. Some how, I ended up dancing with Mary’s little brother’s (Jim) girlfriend all night long. He didn’t seem to care. He left her there sitting all by herself, so I figured I’d go keep her company. Bad bad bad bad. *Grin* Nothing happened, I don’t think he really cared anyhow. O well..So, anyhow, taking Cara home was fun. *NOT* Ok, Shes 5’8″ and about 100lbs. We get out to my truck, drive home, and I’m thinking lets head up to the bar, and see whos around. I get there and shes totally passed out. I decide to take her home, and start driving towards the freeway. I get a few blocks from my house and she has to go to the bathroom. Ok, We go to my place, and I walk her drunk ass up all the stairs of my house and into the bathroom. I walk downstairs to close all the doors.. and when I come back up, she’s passed out in the middle of my bed. WOAH! Wait a second. My GF will not like this.. So I pick her up and carry her limp ass down to my truck and finally get her back to her place. Her roommate helped her out of the truck and up into her house. *shakes his head* Women that can’t handle their alcohol! Ha! I guess it’s cool that she didn’t get sick.

Sunday, I spent the afternoon helping my friend work on my motorcycle. The thing still won’t run right. *sigh* I’ll never get my bike. Never.

More drama between Nicole and me. She got all pissed off cuz I was out with Cara and Cara was wasted. *sigh* I didn’t do anything with her. Nicole listened to her voicemail and didn’t pay attention to the order. Last thing she heard was Cara was passed out at my place and sleeping over. When in reality, I said “I got Cara’s ass home and my the light will be on, and my door will be open if you’d like to sleep over tonight.” Bah! Now I got some bullshit excuse as to why we can’t hang out today. She says she’s going to drop off her dog at her parents house with a close female friend of hers. Some how I think she’s got some ‘date’ with some other guy. Ya know.. As payback for me going to the wedding with Cara. *Sigh*

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